Just a few review from our satisfied and happy customers.We have more review but unfortunately we dont have more space to write down all reviews.Here some reviews from our customers from Australia to USA from all over the world.

My pipe was received this morning. It looks fabulous. smoked the new pipe yesterday and it is as great as it looks. Thanks.
David J. Chapman ND,USA

Salim, who I know is a respected and envied Artisan: I have two of his pipes, and I have seen lots more, they are all treasured masterpieces, Till then, thank you for making my Meerschaum experience a fond one, and one that I can continue to be proud of!
Robert J. Pulice USA

I am certainly impressed with your fast reply and excellant customer service. I have made the extra payment and now eagerly await delivery.I am still waiting for an order from one of your competitors for over 2 weeks, wish I had found your store before I ordered from them :-((.
However I know where I will be making all my future purchases.Thanks once again and I look forward to smoking my Calabash when it arrives.
Tony Martin.Brisbane,Australia

Hi. Today I have received the material. All much beautiful one. Beloveds friends, in these days I have had way to appreciate the quality of yours calabash and to amuse me to working the block that you have sent to me much it are to me in love of this material that I find very more affascinamnte of the wood briar-root.
Piergioacchino_Ferretti Italy

Rec'd my USMC pipe today...EXCELLENT !!! Have already recommended you to a friend to do a Masonic Emblem pipe for him. You will hear from me again for another pipe in the future.Thank You,

The pipe arrived. Beautifull. Respectfull greetings to Mr. Salim and many thanks for this masterpiece.
Michael Haas ,Germany

I recently purchase one of your pipes (the Popeye model) and was highly impressed with the quality ofthe pipe and with the service you provided on my order. I have not been able to find any meerschaum pipes of this quality in my area.
Russell Anderson, Texas, USA

The pipe is absolutely perfect! We are amazed at how beautifully done it is, and how it really looks like Aristotle. Give our thanks to Salim for this wonderful piece of art.Best,
Leland and Correne Saunders, USA

The Great Dane pipe turned out beautiful, I am very pleased with Salim's craftsmanship. Thank him for me and feel free to use me for any reference you may need.I look forward to ordering from you in the future.Thanks Again
Mike LaMure, USA

Thanks again. Also, please let me add I am very pleased with both the product and your prompt and curteous follow up on my questions. My best regards,
Sandro La Rosa,Spain

My pipe arrived today, thank you for letting me exchange it. The Bulldog head was beautifully carved by Salim...a true artisan. It also smokes excellent. I hope to do business with you again. Feel free to write me anytime, I'm retired and enjoy getting mail !.Your friend, George W. "Bill" Godfrey,USA

Hello there,Just to let you know that the pipe arrived and my husband is absolutely delighted with it.We are both very pleased and would like to thank you for your skills and also for sending it so promptly.Many thanks again.Kindest Regards,
Amanda. USA

My Bulldog meerschaum is coloring nicely. Seems I've neglected my other pipes in favor of it !!! It's becoming my trademark !. I have my Great uncles meerschaum, HUGE bowl, no carvings. I've smoked it before but with all the tobacco it holds, my jaw gets tired !.

Hi my pipe finally came. Thanks nice carving job.
Clay McCallum DuBois,USA

Hello again,I just received my pipe today! It looks splendid and I cannot wait to try it.Chris,USA

The Great Dane pipe turned out beautiful, I am very pleased with Salim's craftsmanship. Thank him for me and feel free to use me for any reference you may need.I look forward to ordering from you in the future.Thanks Again
Mike LaMure,USA

Thank you for the pipe. It is absolutely beautiful and the engraving is superb. It is a gift for my best friend's 50th birthday and he will love it. Thank you so much.
Mark Zipoli,USA

I would like to say thank you so much for making my dream pipe into a reality. It is a beautiful piece of work, a definite work of art. I just received it today and loved it immediately. Thank you again and you have my business from now on. I have already reccommended you to some of my friends. Thanks again!Best regards,
Hector Martinez,Mexico

I am 32, and have been a pipe smoker since about 1998, when I was under heavy stress caused by a severe head injury that I suffered in 1989. I smoked the pipes that my father collected when he was in law school. Pipe smoking allows me to relax, and I believe that it helps me to avoid the seizures caused by the head injury. I am a woodcarver, and admire the artistic talent of pipe makers. I recently purchased a meerschaum pipe, and have been surfing the Internet for information about this material. The information provided in your site is superior to any of the books I have read about pipes. You provide so much more information , and I am simply writing to praise you for your accomplishment. Thank you, and I wish you well as you create such fine works of art. God Bless.
Paul Johnson

I received my dragon meerschaum pipe today. WOW! It was well worth the wait. Salim did a wonderful job on this creation. Words can not say how pleased I am. Thank you VERY, VERY, much! I will gladly tell EVERYONE of your great service.
Thank you again.Sincerely,
Bronson Barnhart,USA

I received the order, and I'm very pleased with it. You've provided excellent craftsmanship, in a timely manor.

I received my order this morning. The pipes are perfect and the packing was very good. I wanted to thank you and the company for providing such highly quality products. I will be buying more from you in the future.Sincerely,
Hikmat Fraj,Dubai

I would like to tell you that I was very happy with the saxophone sultan pipe that I ordered from your company last year. It just tastes better than any of my other pipes, even though I smoke it every day.Salim does wonderful work, please pass on my regards to him.
John L Knoble,USA

I received the pipe on Tuesday and it is wonderful.Thanks

I just received my calabash pipe really is it great you are allright the quality is more importantArtur,Mexico

Greetings! I received the pipe this morning and it is marvelous! Thank you so much. My husband will enjoy this very much!
Valerie Potter,USA

You demonstrated a very high quality product, and I would like to purchase another one at this time
Tom Horne,USA

Finally recieved my pipes today! thank you they're very beautiful
Frederick Mccutchen Iraq,APO

I received the pipe yesterday. It looks great.
Bill USA

Thank you for your reply. From the pictures posted on your website, your craftmanship and work look to be fantastic! I look forward to receiving the pipe I ordered.And for the other models that I sent as a picture, I may decide to order one from you after I receive the new pipe. I do not wish to order one at the present time. I'm sure you would do a great job and I imagine your pipe would look much nicer than the one in the picture.Thank you for your excellent service. Sincerely,
Dan Krenzler CA,USA

Hello; I just received my pipes today that I had you make for me via UPS. I would like to say how pleased I am with them. They are exactly what I wanted and the right size. I cannot say enough how professional and courteous your company has been to me. I will certainly have some more orders for you in the future! Once again. Thank you.
Rev. Mark Reinhardt ME, USA

Dear sir,My pipe just arrived yesterday. Thank you for looking into it's shipping. The pipe is wonderful and I look forward to doing business with you in the future.
Thanks again,
Eric G. Schmuck WI,USA

Dear Sir, I received my pipe yesterday please forgive me for being so impatience I have never order anything from another country and I did not know it took so long to receive.now about the pipe It is the most beautiful calabash pipe I have ever saw and I would like a price for making other pipes such as Universal Monster Collection which will be quite a few pipes like the wolfman,frankenstien etc.. thank you very much for the wonderful pipe
Freddie Severs LA, USA

received the calabash pipe today and begin to immediately smoke it, boy did it tast good, thank you and I will be sending another order when I decide on the one that I want. This time I will not be so impateint about receiving it, thanks again,
Ronald O. Edmonds MD,USA

Thank you for your e-mail. The pipe has arrived and the quality seems excellent.I would like to thank you for your ongoing support throughout and I will be ordering from you again.
Josephine ANDERSON England

Thank you for your courtious email sent last sat. In England, people dont pay their customers that honour. I would very much appreciate it if you sent me a quick note when the calabash is dispached. I look forward to future purchases with you.
E. J. Fielding. England

I received the pipe...beautiful Thank you very much
Massimiliano Artibani Italy

Dear Sir,
I recieved my calabash this morning in England and am very pleased with the quality and the price. I hope to do further buisness with you. Thanks once again.Yours faithfully
E. J. Fielding ,England

I just got the pipe you made for me today. And all I can say is thank you very much. It looks so much better than the picture on your site. I will be sure to recomend you to anyone I know who is interested in an amazing pipe. The only problem I can forsee having with it is that it looks so good I don't think I can smoke it.
Thank you again Jason Bruner. CA, USA

Dear Sir,
Thank you for your E Mail. Yes, my husband was extremely delighted with both pipes, which are of exceptional quality and detail. He has shown them to all of his friends, who have all commented as to how superb and indeed unusual they are. My congratulations to the maker of these fine and beautiful pipes, whose skill is indeed obvious. Many thanks,
Amanda. England

Great pipes. I received my two pipes day before yesterday. They are beautiful in appearance and a pleasure to smoke. Thank you.
Bob Northey LA, USA

I got my pipe! It's beautiful! I almost hesitate to smoke it lest I ruin it!I appreciate how you made the mouthpiece a red-yellow marbled piece as I requested.Thank you for making such lovely pipes! Rest assured I will be ordering again from you soon!
Krypton, Philippines

I received my calabash yesterday. It smoke spectacularily, I love it.Thanks,
Todd Sigg IL,USA

Absolutly perfect. No words, incredible, will be the admiration in thepipe smokers contest, sure.No weight, perfect colour, very very good carved, good silver arm yes. If it is posible.Please, transmit at the artist autor of this piece my congratulations for his hands.
Ferran Sanchec,Spain

I received my pipe today! It is wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thomas henry CA,USA

I finally received my pipe yesterday after several weeks of heavyanticipation. From the first moment that I saw it, I knew that I willtreasure what can only be described as a work of art for the rest ofmy life. The detail and workmanship are simply astounding. It has an
aesthetic that is mesmerizing. It also seems to supercede being described as "museum quality." Most importantly, it smokes like adream, invoking pensive thought. Simply put, time seems to slow downwhen smoking this pipe. Thank you so very much for providing such awonderful product - all of my expectations were surpassed. Please sendmy warmest regards to artisan Salim.Best Wishes,
-Stephen Bass MA,USA

Dear Sirs,
Yesterday, I finally received my Meerschaum pipe from your fine company. I am happy to report that it was received in excellent condition.The carving and workmanship is exquisit. It is well balanced, sturdy and smokes very well from the first lighting. I sat outside for over two hours last night enjoying the sunset and smoking my new pipe. It was a wonderful experiece.Your product is certainly first rate and has been more than worth the wait. One can still recognize and appreciate quality craftsmanship in your product and I would encourage anyone thinking of purchasing a pipe from your website to place their trust in your company. My deepest thanks to "Salim" who was apparently the craftsman who designed and carved this pipe. It is truely "museum quality" as advertised, and I look forward to a lifetime's worth of enjoyment from your fine product.
John RiceChicago, Illinois,U.S.A.

We were thrilled about the pipes you sent. They are truly beautiful works of art. Please extend our appreciation to your artists. What wonderful talent!
Todd Porter TX,USA

this message is for you inform i received my calabash pipe. I'm very satisfied, it's a very nice pipe thank a lot.i will talk to my friend of your nice products!
Denise Canada

Hello I have received the pipe this morning, it is just like i expected. Thank You. Best wishes
Leonardo Italy

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the beautiful Calabash I purchased. It is indeed "museum quality." I would whole-hearted recommend your pipes to any propective buyer. Thank you and good luck! I'm sure I'll be buying another pipe soon!
J. E. Raymond Charlotte, NC

Hello,I just got my pipe and it is wonderful!! Thank you so much!!
Greg Brummett IL,USA

Thank you very much for such a beautiful pipe. I received it this afternoon and I am extremely pleased with my purchase. It is of an amazing quality and craftmanship. Please extend my gratitude and thanks to your fine artisans who created this pipe.I am thoroughly pleased and happy with my shopping experience with your store and look forward to purchasing more pipes from you in the future. Your communications with me were extremley quick and helpful and I will gladly recommend your store to all of my friends.Again thank you and I look forward to doing business with you again.David Nagawker, Happy calabash pipe owner.
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

I received the package on the weekend, I opened the package just now and my first impression is that this pipe is absolutely incredible. It's much larger, more intricate and far more beautiful than I imagined. In the past, I have always resisted ordering figure pipes because of some of the poorly executed examples I've seen, but this pipe has turned my thinking around. I am in awe. Unfortunately, it's such a beautiful pipe that I don't dare smoke it immediately: I have ordered a colouring bowl to use with it so that I can be certain it will colour as beautifully as it has been carved. Thank you.
Kevyn Winklesskevyn, Canada

Dear Sir,
I wanted to let you know that we received the Bulldog Pipe today, February 13 at 4:00pm. My husband loves it. It is just what I was looking for and to see his _expression when he opened up the package was priceless. I enjoyed using the tracking, it was very interesting.
Thank you, so much, for all your help and for caring.Best wishes,
Phyllis NH, USA

The pipes arrived in perfect conditionand i am very pleased with them so pleased that i am going to order 2 more pipes.thankyou
Tony Mills United Kingdom

Dear Sir,
Yesterday arrived the pipe you send to me, it's really beautiful, and provides a great smoke. I`m very happy with my new pipe. Your product fullfiled all my espectations. Mr.Ferran Sanchez was rigth about the excellent services that your webpage gives. Thanks.
Luis Barra MD
Antofagasta - Chile - SouthAmerica

Sir,I must compliment you and your company on the work of Art!, weare getting close to what I want, what is the other version you mentionedwould it help to provide drawings or do you have a design artist? Thanks
Matthew CA,USA

After some time, I've finally received my pipe! It is fabulous! My Co-workers at the TV Station are Envious! and my friends are impressed!
Kevin Li Canada

I just got the demon pipe and what a suprise, this is an incredible pipe. I am so excited that I order another one (sherlock Holmes) large burned. I am buying all my pipes from you, when I get the sherlock, I will order another one. thank you for your service and great product, this is art....thank your staff for a great job.
sincerly, Nick Vigliucci IN,USA

Dear,I just received my pipe, (golf bal with metal ring) Well, this is real perfection, the best meerschaum i ever seen, and I own a lot of them. I will smoke it a few month's and keep you informed
Romain, Belgium

Dear Sir,
Today arrives the pipe, It`s a beautiful pipe, really nice. I`m very happy with it. Thanks, and sorry for continous question, all the wait really worth. Bests
Luis Barra MD Brasil

Thank you very much. I received them today and they are just wonderful. I am so very pleased. Pat Treit WA ,USA

Hi, I just received the pipe (it's 6:45, Friday evening here, 12-17) and it's in plenty of time for me to forward it to my friend for Christmas. I wanted to thank you for your efforts to assure it made it here in time -- it's very much appreciated. But above and beyond that, I wanted to tell you how totally IMPRESSED I am with your product. It is positively beautiful. I had cringed a bit spending so much on a Christmas gift (not that I don't care very much for my friend), but when I saw the products you offer on-line, it left me no choice. Nothing else I saw even began to compare, but now that I see it first-hand, I am more convinced than ever. It is AMAZING!!! The attention to detail and true "feel" for the subject are beyond description. Please assure Salim that this pipe, as I am sure are all his other works, will be a very cherished possession. It is truly something very special. THANK YOU!!
Rochelle Reagan CA,USA

Today I recived my order! The pipe is very nice. I will recommend your store to my fellow german smokers. Great stuff - good price.Two thumbs up! sincerely
Arne Karlsen Germany

Hi.I just wanted to let you know that I received the pipe yesterday, and it is beautiful! Thank you so much for getting it to me so quickly. I can't wait to give it to my husband for the Holidays! Thanks again for everything!
Sonya NC,USA

Thank you for the most beautiful pipes i've ever seen!
Kenneth Duane OH,USA

Received my Holmes/Watson set. The pipes are terrific. Thanks very much.
Bill Wolfson Ca,USA

I received my pipe yesterday and I am extremely overjoyed at the quality.Your customer service and care is outstanding and you can count on me ordering from you again as well as passing along my experience with you to other pipe smokers.Thanks again for a top shelf product and outstanding service.Sincerely yours,
Ernst Ebner WI,USA

Dear sir,
Just a note to inform you that the pipe I ordered was received today in excellent condition. It's beautifully carved and looks even better than the picture on the website. The case is well made and attractive and the pipe fits perfectly.I will be recommending your company to others and am sure that they will also be impressed with the quality of the product. Your service was excellent and I appreciated the email notification of when the product was shipped.Thank you and everyone in your organization for a job well done!
Alfred P Juenemann FL,USA

Hello Bahadir,
Not long after I wrote you that I hadn't received the pipe yet, it came! That was a relief. It is absolutely beautiful. I love it and am sure my husband will, too, since it is a birthday present for him. Thank-you for taking the time to write.
Nancy Vine NJ,USA

I received my Pipe today .. What a beautiful work of art!!! Thankyou very much I can't wait to smoke and enjoy my new meerschaum I've never tried one before,Again Thankyou very much
Ps your prices are quite reasonable for such artwork.
Rolando Barro NY,USA

I received the pipe in the mail about a week ago. The Baglan pipe is very unique and is a beautiful piece of art. I went to Turkey a couple of years ago, and purchased a pipe while I was there. I do not smoke, but I love collecting unique pieces of art from the different countries that I have visited. The pipe I purchased from your store is one of my favorite pieces.

I received my pipe today and was very impressed with the quality of the work. Truly "museum quality" as advertised. Very detailed and meticulous finish resulting by far in the best meerschaum pipe I have seen - A true testament to the superb skill and craftsmanship of the artist. I will be certain to order a few more. Sincerely, A. Kfoury. USA.
A. Kfoury VA,USA

I bought this pipe as a gift for a friend and he likes it very much. I am sure he will have many years of smoking enjoyment from it.Happy New Year.Regards,
Janine Rauhut IL,USA

Thank-you! I ordered the pipe for my boyfriends Birthday. The pipe arrived yesterday and he loved it! Thank-you again. Have a great Holiday Season!
Candy Landreth MO,USA

Thank you for the e-mail. The pipe finally arrived a few days after you sentme the e-mail. It is very nice and I enjoy it very much. The delivery tookmuch longer than I thought but I am very pleased with the pipe now that I have it. I may buy another one from you in the future.
Douglas M.Tisdale CO,USA

The pipes are beautiful and smoke great. I appreciate your follow-up e-mail. We are very pleased that we made the decision to buy your product.Best regards,
Neil Michelson CA,U.S.A

Dear friends,once again you proved to be the best,the pipes are nothing less than excellent. purchasing at meerschaumstore was a great experiance
Robert j corrado,NY,USA

Thank you for your message, I have admired the craftsmanship with much awe, in my small chevalier which I already have from the MeerschaumStore.Com; each and every time I use it. I am really looking forward to getting my new pipe for the same reason, I'm sure that it will be something to be proud of and something to be proud to own. Thanks,
Robert J. Pulice WV USA

I just wanted to tell you all that my order arrived today and it is truly a magnificent piece; thank you for all of your masterful craftsmanship and especially the kind attention. I hope that your new website will bring you lots of customers, I know that anyone who chooses it would be pleased. Thank you again!
Robert J. Pulice WV USA,

Llegaron hoy ok mis pipas muy lindas gracias.
Renato, Chile

I received the pipe this afternoon and I am extremely pleased. This is my second pipe purchased through you and I would definitely buy again! Thank you for a wonderful job.

Got pipe...and it's beautiful...
David L.Crane IL,USA

To whom it may concern:
We want to thank you so much for the care you took in making sure we received our pipe. The pipe is one of the most beautiful pieces of art we own. We think that your company is excellent and will refer you and perhaps purchase more items from you in the future. Keep up the great work and craftsmanship.
The Baydo family WA,USA

I just receved the pipes I order today. They are very beautiful. Thank you so much for all your help.
Eileen Lally PA,USA

Thank you once again for your service, if all other companies were like yours it would be a better place to be,
Yours Charles A. Jackson. England

Thanks again. Its a great pipe.

My Meerschaum pipe arrived yesterday here in Bakersfield. I am so happy. It is the most beautiful pipe I have ever seen and cannot wait to try it out. I expect that when some of my friends see this pipe, you will be getting some more orders.
Sincerely, Micheal CA, USA

I recieved the pipe today,i did`nt realize how long it took for customs.thanks for your quick response.the pipe is beautiful and well worth the wait. Thanks again.
paul clowes OH,USA

Yes, indeed, I have my new pipe. And yes, it was worth the wait. It is a beautiful piece of artwork and craftsmanship. I own horses, that is why I purchased this particular pipe. I took it the same day and showed it to others that stable their horses with mine. They were impressed as well. I am glad I chose your company to do business with and will do so again. Many thanks.
Tim Ferguson AR,USA

We have the Meerschaum Bulldog Model S161 Pipe and what a beauty it is. Was well worth the wait. My husband is thrilled with it. The Post Office called me yesterday to say I had mail from you but neglected to say it was a package, we picked up the pipe today. What truly beautiful artwork has been done on the pipe, my husband will treasure this pipe for years to come. Everyone in town knows my husband from the last Bulldog pipe I bought from you last year for his birthday. It is a wonderful conversation piece and he loves the pipe, he is very proud of it. Looking forward to ordering more pipes from you.
Best wishes,
Phyllis LeCoumpte NH,USA

I have been waiting for a long time to order a Meerschaum pipe. I can't wait to receive it. I am hoping that it comes in the velvet box shown on the website. What a lovely way to show it, and a great way to transport it. Sincerely,
Michael Kovacevich CA,USA

Hi Everything is fine. I enjoyed this pipe and now I am sending present to my father in Russia.
K.Krelin, France

We received our pipe today. It is wonderful. Even more beautiful than the one on your web site. He will love it. Please let your artist know how much we appreciate his talent. Thank you!
Olive Self WV,USA

Received it today. Thank you. I am very happy with it.

Hello,Receiving was OK in good shape
I had a great smile when i received this Wonderful Calabash its a Master Piece of Art i would like to thank you for your great work and your applications to all the Teams of your Store my
Name in file, USA

The pipe I ordered arrived today.It is a work of art. Almost looks too nice to smoke.
Thank you.
Rob Moody ME,USA

The pipe (finally!) arrived today, and looks very, very nice. Thank you!

We received the pipe and were very pleased with it.With thanks,
Rachel WA,USA

Good Evening. Please be advised that my order (the wolf pipe) arrived this afternoon in excellent condition. It's beautiful and fascinating. The workmanship is GREAT! Thanks so very much. Please let Salim know that this pipe is without a doubt the best I have ever had. I waited until the house had quieted down (I have 4 grandkids) before trying the wolf pipe for the first time. It is fantastic! A pleasure to look at and a pleasure to smoke. This is the first true meerschaum I have ever owned and is definately the best pipe I have ever owned. I really appreciate the professionalism, workmanship and artistic expertise. Thank you very much!
Thomas H. Johnston CO,USA

Just wanted to let you know that I received my pipe yesterday and I was not disapointed. I have seen many meerschaum pipes and I have to say that the quality of the pipe I received yesterday is beyond compare. It is truly a work of art and I am almost afraid to smoke it. The attention to the detail on my pipe is even more than the one represented on your web site, and as I mentioned before I have my reservations about ordering via internet. I will take up no more of your time I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with the pipe. I wish I could afford one of each of the pipes you offer. Thank you
Bobby Hickman KY,USA

Thank you so much. I am so impressed about your quality control.
Pauline WA,USA

It has been almost five years since I purchased the Spiderman pipe. It came out perfect. The pipe is on display in the family room and everyone always comments on it. Thank you again. I’m returning in hope to purchase another masterpiece.
Jesse D. Espinosa Jr. CA,USA

I received my pipe today! It is wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thomas Henry, USA

Meerschaum Store,
I just wanted you to know how pleased I am with my Sherlock Holmes Trio. The quality is fantastic! Thank you Emin Team. I smoked the calabash as soon as I received them and I is great. These are the first meerschaum pipes I have ever owned and I am extremely happy. Thank you,
James Pollan,USA

Hi, I just wanted to let you know I received my pipedream the Punch man it is a wonderful pipe better than I could imaging. Please thank Mr. Salim and anyone else who might have worked on it Thanks again
Chris Davis, USA

I just wanted to let you know that I received the pipe. I am so impressed with the quality. It smokes better than anything I've ever had. The Mahogany Calabash with Meerschaum insert provides an incredibly cool and even smoke, huge draw, and is a great conversation piece due to its size and unique look. Thanks again for the great deal! I have been enjoying the first pipe so much that I decided to get another one. Thanks for the great deal!
Matt Figura, USA

Just wondering when the sexy pipe section will open ! I'll keep waiting, I received one of your claw pipes as a gift and now you have me spoiled! Keep up the beautiful work guys !

I have received the pipe and it smokes beautifully. Thank you very much
John Dean,USA

Gentlemen,Thank you for another beautiful pipe. I am telling every smoker I know about MeerschaumStore.com. Best of luck and keep those wonderful
craftsmen busy.Sincerely,
John Raymond,USA

I just received my pipe today. Everything is in order, just exactly as I ordered it. It is quite beautiful, and I am sure it will smoke very welltoo. Thank you for your excellent service.
Christ Kacoyannakis,Greece

I received the order yesterday, and it really looks good. Everyone who looked at it thought it was well carved. Thanks again.
Mike Duran TN,USA

My pipes arrived the other day - for some reason I didn't realize they were coming all the way from Turkey! But they did and arrived in excellent condition. Even after only a few days, I can tell these are just about the finest pipes I've ever smoked. They are wonderful - many thanks!
Joe Schonbok WA,USA

Hi I just received my pipe, I couldn't be happier, It's beautiful! I bought it for my friend, he will be so pleased. Thank You,

i received my calabash meershaum this morning and what a beautiful pipe! thank you for what will sure to be a great smoke. i will be sure to pass the word of your great site and great products along to all my friends. thanks and God bless
regards, Steve GA,USA

Hello there,Ihad just bought a lion head with a claw made by Salim,and it is a wonderful work!!!! I would like to know how long I should wear gloves before i could hold the pipe with my hand.Thank you

It arrived today. I am very pleased.
Thank you....John Canada

I want to let you know the pipes are better than excellent.
The skill of the carvers can only be considered the best of the best
Robert J.Corrado U.S.A

Received my pipe and it is a wonderful work of art. Many thanks.
Mike Agambar,England

I received my pipe today. It is lovely and I know I'll be a customer for life. Thank you!
Marc Dion,U.S.A

I have received my pipe last week; a beautiful head of pirate number 145.I havea passionate love for the story of buccaneering. Your model is extraordinary. Thank you again"
CHAUVIN Jean Marc,France

Just a note to say that the order arrived safely today. And to say thatI was DELIGHTED with the pipe, which is beautiful; flawless quality and elegant design. It is by far the best meerschaum pipe I've seen - better than ones four times the price in England. Great service too - I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to anyone.
Andrew Lord U.K

I bought this pipe as a gift for a friend and he likes it very much. I am sure he will have many years of smoking enjoyment from it. Happy New Year.Regards
Janine Rauhut,U.S.A

I just received the pipe this morning. The finishing, details and craftsmanship was exquisite.
I am reluctant to use it. Truly "Museum Quality" I am now considering making another purchase, this time a classic model for my daily use. Thanks.... From a very satisfied customer." Thank you very much.
Andrew Tay,Singapore

The pipes are beautiful and smoke great. I appreciate your follow-up e-mail. We are very pleased that we made the decision to buy your product.Best regards
Neil Michelson,U.S.A

The attention to detail on my Harley pipe is INCREDIBLE.People always ask me about it"

Thank-you! I ordered the pipe for my boyfriends Birthday. The pipe arrived yesterday and he loved it! Thank-you again. Have a great Holiday Season!
Candy Landreth,U.S.A

Dear MeerschaumStore First let me say that my wife and I love our new Cavalier pipe! It is the MOST BEAUTIFUL example of the ART OF MEERSCHAUM carving that I've ever seen in the almost 50 YEARS that I've been collecting and smoking pipes!My wife and I are truly delighted. Your website photos did not do justice to THIS WORK OF ART. It is really much more beautiful in the flesh (clay?).
John S. Levitt from U.S.A

Thank you for the e-mail.The pipes arrived in perfect conditionand i am very pleased with them
so pleased that i am going to order 2 more pipes thankyou
Tony Mills, United Kingdom

Dear friends, This Cavalier is the very first "Saxophone" I have ever bought during the almost 50 years I've been smoking and collecting pipes. Thank you for making our first experience
with an overseas purchase such a pleasant one.
John S. Levitt,U.S.A

Once again you proved to be THE BEST. The pipes are NOTHING LESS THAN EXCELLENT purchasing at MeerschaumStore was a GREAT EXPERIENCE
Robert J Corrado,U.S.A

In all,A EXCELLENT PURCHASING EXPERIENCE,quality is THE BEST I ever seen,I say this with 30 years of smoking and purchasing pipes
Robert V.Reis,U.S.A

EXCELLENT SERVICE, I would definately purchase from this company again.
Timothy Rose,U.S.A

The smoking pipes for woman are WONDERFULL.Good quality.I higly recommend them...
Kate Southard from U.S.A:

The product arrived today in good condition. It was as advertised andI am SATISFIED with both it and your service
David G Kelly, U.S.A 

Absolutely BEAUTIFULl!!!!! Bravo. I'll be designing another shortly.... Take care.
Bob from U.S.A

Hi, it's Bob from Towaco, New Jersey, USA again. The pipe you made me is GREAT...I want another one made...I'll be sending you an image soon.
Another comment from Bob,U.S.A:

You were willing to replace a shipment lost by the delivery company. Thank you for your GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE. The pipe was purchased as a gift for my father. He says it is a very PRETTY PIPE.Thanks
Doug Breese, U.S.A

Hi MeerschaumStore , I continue to be impressed with your customer service. I decided to use the pipe that I bought from your company for a while before getting another.When I am ready for another pipe I will definitely order it from the MeerschaumStore. Thank you
Neil Michelson,U.S.A

Thank you for the e-mail. The pipe finally arrived a few days after you sent me the e-mail. It is very nice and I enjoy it very much. The delivery took much longer than I thought but I am very pleased with the pipe now that I have it. I may buy another one from you in the future.Thank you.
Douglas M.Tisdale,U.S.A

I received the pipe in good order. I am very happy with it, and will continue buying from you in the future.Regards.
Sandor Rovid,South Africa

To everyone at Meerschaumstore,I just received my custom pipes,popeye and frog,I want to let you know the pipes are BETTER THAN EXCELLENT ,also I want to thank every one at meerschaumstore for for all thehelp and patience.The skill of the carvers can only be conciderd THE BEST OF THE BEST.THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR ALL YOUR HELP.
Another comments from Robert J Corrado from U.S.A 

The pipes are beautiful and extremely well crafted! I will be ordering more. Thanks for your help.
Murray Nabors,USA

Thank you so much, recieved pipe today and it is really lovely, thank Salim very much for his time and skill, it is actually better than the picture, cannot fault it at alll, will be well smoked and looked after, thank you, may your God be with you all always
Charles jackson,UK

I received my pipe in the mail yesterday - it is truly a fine piece of workmanship, a true work of art, and a great enhancement to my smoking pleasure. Many thanks,
Jacob MI,USA

Just to let you know that I have received the pipe I ordered.. It's beautiful. Thanks.. Will contact you in the again for future purchases..
Michael J. Gilmore TX. USA

I have just received the pipe, and I would like to tell you that I am quite satisfied with the result.
I will recommend your shop to my friends and by some other pipes later this year. Please keep me informed on any new items. Best regards, Luís Meirinhos Soares.